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Anatomy of an M&A Deal – From Analysis to Valuation
Selling or acquiring a business might be one of the biggest business/financial decision a business owner can make. If you are a seller, you might be selling a company that you have successfully built and grown over decades. If you are an acquirer buying a business to add to yours might be the difference between a slower organic growth and quickly becoming a major player in your segment. There is a huge impact for whatever side you are on.
As a seller, you know what you have put into growing your business. You want to be rewarded for it, and rightfully so. What are valuation expectations from companies <$10 million; between $10 million and $50 million; >$50 million, etc. What might drive valuation for your business? Perhaps it may be in terms of multiples of your revenues, or your EBITDA? Or, is it altogether a totally different equation based on strategic fit and the market segment you are in? And once you decide to sell, what is the process to find out the true valuation? As we know, the market ALWAYS decides the real valuation of any enterprise by the actual amounts someone is willing to pay for it. What steps should you think about in your M&A process to increase your opportunity to maximize your business value when you sell it? What type of M&A Advisor should you consider? How long is an optimal M&A process?
So, what is the likely valuation of a business and what does it take to sell it? From the beginning of the process all the way to a successful transaction, join MedWorld Advisors' CEO Florence Joffroy-Black and Managing Director Dave Sheppard as they discuss this very specific subject.

Oct 6, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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